Thursday, May 22, 2008

The largest Milk snake that i have evere seen.

Two session ago when we were on the weekend break, there was a large fire that was spotted by the Tumul K'in rice field. Luckily there are some good people here in the blue creek village and they were already trying to out the fire. It took a while before they could out it. My friend Diego and i and some other staff members were helping also. When the fire was controlled we were heading back to the compound. While we were going i saw and almost stepped on the biggest Milk snake that i have ever seen. I was frightened that my heart was beating so hard. but when i had noticed the snake was already dead.

Some factes about The Altun Ha Jade Head

The jade Head is a Mayan master piece which is found in the Belize District's Mayan site of Altun Ha in 1968 by Dr. David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada. The head, along with forty other objects, had been placed within a large tomb that was located below the stairblock on the Temple of the Masonry Altars. Weighing 9.75 pounds and standing almost 6 inches high, the jade head remains the single largest carved jade object yet discovered in the Maya area. The Jade Head represent the Maya sun god Kinich Ahau and. Along with Chac (rain god) and Yum Kax (corn god), Kinich Ahau was among the most important deities in the Maya pantheon. Jade was the most precious of stones to the Maya. Beside its exotic origins, its green colour reflected that of water and the corn plant, the two most precious, life sustaining substances to the ancient Maya of northern Belize. The jade head continues to be a most important icon to the people of Belize today. It is prominently displayed on all Belize currency and has become an important symbol of our young nation. It is truly a remarkable work of art and everyone should make every effort to view it whenever it goes on display.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cultural night at Tumul K'in

Besides the hared work and the classes that we have here at this high school,there is the fun part which is the cultural night. this night is done every Saturday night here . at first it was on Thursday but it is now changed to Saturday nights. some of the events that take place at the cultural night are cultural skits,different variety of cultural dances, funny skits, karoke, story telling and marimba playing. these are all done by the students here at this high school. for this nigh each class has to prepare a skit, dance or what ever they can do. the cultural night helps students to perform in front of a large amount of people and help develop their thinking skills

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My practical session this morning

Today for my practical our teacher was not here. So we had to do our practical by our self. He didn't gave us any supervisor because he knows that we are going to do what we have to do. For today's practical the things that we had to do was what we do every morning which is feed the pigs and clean pig pen for the pig section. For the chicken section, feed chicken, give them water and collect the eggs. For the broilers we only had to do was to give them feed, water and to make sure they are in good condition. Then the last that we do in the morning is to water our plants, remove weeds, clean around it and whatever needs to be done. These are only what we every morning. what he wanted us to do for this morning after we finish what we normally do is to wash the house where the chicken lay their eggs. so each one of us washed two section each and let it dry when it dries we are going to put it back in the coop for the chicken to lay again.

practical is the first session that we get in the morning to do what we have to do whit our different projects

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picture of us Planting

Some things about Tumul K'in

Tumul K'in Center Of Learnig is located in the beautiful village of Blue creek in the Toleado District. This high school is better than any other school in several ways. The way we are teached, the fun we have when we are teached, the different type of culture, the educational trip we have and, many more. At Tumul K,in there are six different culture here. We have the Creol, Mopan maya, Q'eqchi maya, spanish, american, Yucatek. This high school won the award for the best college in the country of Belize.

Monday, April 21, 2008

planting corn.

On the 21st of April 2008 the whole Tumul Kin community of mails are are going to plant corn we will start at 5 o'clock in the morning. Normally when we go planting the girls prepare the food and the boys plant the corn. also when we go planting we don't eat until we come back from planting. this that we do is a part of the tradition.
when we reach at the area where we are going to plant we form a long line. Each one of us has to have a pointed stick and a traditional bag called a custal. if you don't have one we need to get something to put the corn in. once we have both material we start. the method of planting is that when we plant we plant in triangle using our arm length.once we have planted the whole area we head back to the compound. when we return to the compound the food is ready so we eat and rest for the rest of the day.